Monday, September 1, 2014

Misogyny at the extreme: 4 fun ppl vs women

You might heard of Anita Sarkeesian who has a video blog where she collects evidences of sexism in games. If you played games, you know she doesn't need to search hard. Her videos are mostly original footages from games with very little of her own opinion, making them hard to debate with. Well, "critics" don't bother with arguments. They are busy with death threats, wikipedia vandalism, countless hate comments, DoS attacks and such actions.

Of course such extreme (but not so rare) actions of women-hating are just the tip of the iceberg and done by a small minority. In our everyday internet usage we see the not scary, rather just annoying everyday misogyny that consist "show pix of ur tits", "go back to the kitchen", "let's rape those cunts [the opposing team of mostly males]", porn pictures (that show women in unnaturally submissive roles unlike from normal sex), "X has great balls" and so on. This is unfortunately not a small minority.

EVE Online is a game with no sexism or even sexuality programmed into it. The avatars of the players are spaceships and in the stations their humanoid avatars cannot interact. These humanoid avatars are rarely seen in the game and dressed decently. There is no way to remove their underwear, nudity is not present in the game. Yet only 5% of the players are women, due to its extremely misogynist community. Chats are often filled with disturbing or obnoxious material. This means that even completely sexism-free content can foster unbearable misogyny so it's not a response to some stimuli, it's coming from inside of the perpetrators.

Let me insert this prevalent in-game sexism into the "4 fun ppl" concept that says "those we consider trolls are people with honest intention to positively socialize, but their extremely low social skills cause them to post hurtful or annoying things instead."

For simple "jokes" and "funny small talk" this is obvious: the "4 fun ppl" are simply unable to understand that using "rape" as a term for video game victory is inappropriate or that women don't want to post nude pictures of themselves. But some statements can't be explained even by extreme lack of social skills: "no women allowed in this group" and "go back to the kitchen" are clear expressions of exclusion. They just don't want women around and clearly believe that feminism went way too far and it's now the oppression of men. Why? Let one of them answer:

"Tomorrow is the day of retribution, the day in which I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you. For the last eight years of my life, ever since I hit puberty, I've been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires all because girls have never been attracted to me. Girls gave their affection, and sex and love to other men but never to me. I'm 22 years old and I'm still a virgin. I've never even kissed a girl. I've been through college for two and a half years, more than that actually, and I'm still a virgin. It has been very torturous. College is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure. Within those years, I've had to rot in loneliness. It's not fair. You girls have never been attracted to me. I don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it. It's an injustice, a crime, because... I don't know what you don't see in me. I'm the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman." - wrote Elliot Rodger in his final message before killing 6 people, wounding 13 and committing suicide.

At first you must see how explicitly the "4 fun ppl" image existed in his head: "college is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure." Anyone could tell that college is rather the place where everyone experiences disappointment, heartbreak, awkward social situations and lack of sleep. Of course most of us get over it, but that's not the point. He - like all basement dwellers - believed that "having fun" is the norm and everyone else is constantly having fun. So they must at least emulate it, at least over the internet.

The "for sex and fun and pleasure" people see women as a powerful group who control access to sex and fun. They believe that the "conspiracy of women" decides who is "cool" and excluded them for no reason. They use video games as their last resort for socialization, this is why they are so bad in them: they don't really care for the game, they just want some human connection. But they can't get it because of two things: the "elitists" want to play the game and those pesky women are invading this last refuge. The misogynists feel they have nothing else left and are fighting a bitter last stand against the "conspiracy of women" who excluded and rejected them, made their life miserable and lonely.

Of course the women aren't a cohesive group and the life of the basement dwellers is miserable and lonely because of their own lack of social skills and their unwillingness to focus on non-social ways of success. Since the amount of males and females in the population is roughly equal, for every lonely man, there is a lonely woman. For every "basement dweller" male there is a depressed female sitting in her darkened room front of a photoshopped picture of a lingerie model, thinking "I'm so ugly that no one will ever look at me". Sadly, these "female basement dwellers" can't meet with "male basement dwellers" over the internet, since the latter chase the former away with open misogyny. It would be pointless to tell the basement dwellers these and that internet communities would be great place for them to find introverted women. If they had the abilities to comprehend these, they wouldn't be basement dwellers at the first place.

The only solution is shattering the "4 fun peep" mask by banning all kind of sexualized talk (along with their other nonsense) from video game chats, forcing them to focus on skills they can improve. You know, the gaming skills that are good to have in a game. The removal of sexist crap would make this atmosphere non-repulsive for women, which wouldn't only be good for women, but would make the dream of basement dwellers come true: they could actually socialize with living women.

PS: read this collection of CCP Falcon quotes!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend minipost: panic in the highsec CFC wing

Someone created a reddit thread: "Gevlon Goblin Paid 10Bil ISK to have access to RvB special access forums hes gone over all there compositions and sold them to oppositions I sold him access so i know he has access to it." It's followed by the expected nonsense.

It's funny how I became a boogieman for CFC elements, them being trolled by actions I allegedly performed.

I didn't pay a dime for the RvB Alliance Tournament comps. I don't have them. Nor I ever wanted. Make a search on my blog for "Alliance Tournament" and you'll see I've never cared for it a bit. I consider it an irrelevant distraction, unconnected to the EVE universe. If the CODE. incident wouldn't happen, I wouldn't even know that RvB has a team.

Early next week comes something I really paid for. It cost a bit more than the alleged action and had (and will have) much larger impact than which round RvB will be eliminated from AT.

PS: ratting and mining in Deklein is safe.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Grave news for Brave Collective

The Goon propaganda site happily reported that the Brave financial director stole 40B and joined a house slave of Goons. The smug of the Goons is well-deserved. A dangerous-looking contender, Brave who collected players in alarming rate, is done and gone from the Sov theater.

Why? Not because someone stole from them. Thefts, scams, awoxes happen. They are done because a financial director could steal only 40B. Let me put this sum into perspective: I've spent 45B on anti-Goon operations this month and the month isn't over, a 15B payment is still due. That income is earned all by myself and it's so disposable that I literally dispose it. Now imagine what Mynnna could steal from Goons (hint: more than 40B).

If we combine it with the disastrous ratting numbers of BRAVE, we can conclude that they don't even have the perspective of becoming able to finance serious presence in the Sov space.

The "we need people in ships" is a Goon lie. A myth of origin with the swarm in Rifters. The truth is - and always was - ratting. Goons were never shy of making ISK. Others did it via renters, but the point is that war needs money, money and money. As long as you have money to replace a ship, you'll have an F1 pushing ape who gladly loses that ship for you. Brave believed the lie that people in ships matter. They don't. Money in the wallet does.

Of course you can play for fun. But that won't give you victories. Brave will continue to exist as long as there are people in it, logging in. They can have fun too. But they will never be a significant Sov player. Whatever hopes you had for them is gone with the pocket change that their finance director stole.

PS: Darwin fanclub meeting: FCON Thanatos (no need to check fit, the alliance tag tells it) vs hotdropping Hel.
The Bastion never fails to deliver.
Why didn't he gatecrash? Not like that single frig popped him in 5 secs.
Pure blood Goon caught during his signature activity.
Lucas was right, not just Goons rat in Deklein.
This is a special case of dumb.
Hot tip: if you anchored a 3.8B faction tower, show up when the RF comes out. A single frig could defend it against multiboxed bombless bombers.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Greater internet f.. theory vs 4 fun ppl theory

We all know the infamous comic:

It's consensually accepted, even among scientists. We see it all the time in action over the internet. But two recent researches offer a much brighter perspective that I'll call "4 fun ppl theory". The first research I reviewed on Monday, stating that people with bad personality traits are likely to post annoying or idiotic messages:
Please note that these people posted on their own Facebook page, identified with their real life name, clearly to be seen by family and co-workers. So anonymity, which is key part of the greater internet f... theory was not present.

The second research was done by the young winner of the Google Science Fair: she found that 93% of the posters do not publish a comment if they are warned that it is hurtful. She simply created a software that seeked hurtful words and created a pop-up informing the user that his message will hurt people, is he sure to proceed publishing? Those who mean to be trolls would ignore a popup.

Let me offer the "4 fun ppl theory", which explains the widespread horrible behavior and the recent research: those we consider trolls are people with honest intention to positively socialize, but their extremely low social skills cause them to post hurtful or annoying things instead. My formula is "basement dweller + audience + lack of clear rules or authority = total f..wad".

I know it's hard to believe that one can be so incompetent that he posts obviously hurtful messages without hurting intent. But that comes from our narrow scope of people. The ones you consider "socially inept" are still part of your circles, like the co-worker who always skips the chat at the water cooler. Just like the ones you call dumb are still part of your professional life, like the janitor. But you are aware of the fact that there are almost a billion illiterates in the World, people who are much-much "dumber" than your janitor. Then there must be similar amount of "social illiterates" who are similarly much worse than your introvert co-worker.

The "4 fun peep xd" is a bizarre mental image in the head of basement dwellers about a socially successful person who is funny, friendly, sexy and connected. Of course their image is horribly flawed and
  • what they consider funny, others see annoying or dumb
  • what they consider friendly, others see as fraternization (think of "bro"-spamming)
  • what they consider sexy, others see misogynist and sexist
  • what they consider being connected ("in the know"), others see meme-spamming and word butchering
Why don't we see them behave the same way in real life? Because of the clear rules and authority. They are not mentally ill, they are capable of following rules. They know that they are supposed to ask for items from a shopkeeper and not telling him jokes. They know that they are supposed to work in their workplace instead of having sex. If they'd forget themselves, an authority figure would soon appear and put an end to their "fun". However in relaxed social situations they try to be friendly and fun which never ends well.

The solution to the harmful internet presence is, removing the key feature of the "4 fun ppl theory": "lack of clear rules or authority". A group that has to include basement dwellers must have clear and present rules and officers keeping it. It's crucial to understand that general guidelines like "don't be a dick" don't work, as the basement dwellers are unable to understand that their "4 fun" behavior is "being a dick" for everyone else. Rather using certain words, posting offtopic, posting with bad grammar should be banned. The rules must be literal, clear, written with the goal to be understandable with someone of zero social skills. So "don't insult women" is bad rule, "don't say anything about sex, genitals or nudity" is a good rule, because they are unable to see that women don't find it funny if a stranger tells them to "post pix of ur tits". I know it's hard to believe that they don't know that. But they are virgins for a reason.

The tragedy of the "4 fun ppl" is that they put their worst inability, their lack of social skills to the front, by trying to be funny and friendly. The goal is to make them focus on their existing (or at least improvable) abilities instead of their disastrous "4 fun peep xd" persona. To make them think of themselves as a "good scout" or "reliable logi pilot" instead of "funny guy" or "good friend". Why? Because "good scout" is something they can become, but they will never, in a million years will be a "funny guy" and whenever they try, they'll fail and usually insult or annoy people in the process.

Please note that I did not deny that some people are purposefully abusive. They are the 7% who posted their comment after the warning. But they are a criminal minority and most of the "trolls" are just too unskilled to see what they are doing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goons in the closet

The ratting data made it clear what Goons are: carebears. They farm harder than anyone in the game. Literally harder than equal amount of renters who pay for the privilege of not doing PvP.

Before you'd consider it a cheap Goon bashing, it's not. I don't see problems in being a "carebear". I don't think making ISK is "dishonorable" or "low". I'm making ISK. While I'm having much more effective ISK-making methods, I accept that for a casual player with 1-2 accounts and random play time, undocking and hitting the nearest anom is the optimal way of making ISK. I don't hate them for ratting.

I hate them for not spearheading the "fleetbear" ethos, but on the contrary, outscream the "elite PvP" crowd in spewing insults to the "carebears". For going to pogroms against "highsec carebears". For taking highsec POCOs without any intention to use them, just to give "carebears" a finger (this was a great idea). For demanding their minions to click paplinks but not accepting ISK donations as forms of contribution to the coalition. They never admitted being carebears, I caught them. They are like those loud, obnoxious homophobic activists who are caught being gay.

Genuinely "straight" PvP-ers don't hate carebears, but seek mutually beneficial relationship with them: renting. When Goons were finally forced to open renting space, they did it with openly insulting their renters and using every mistake and fine print to kill them. No wonder they flee.

If only Goons could come out of the closet, accept what they are and welcome their fellow carebears, they would not only be much happier, but also much more powerful. ISK is already their power source. They should admit it openly.

One way or another they will. Either by embracing the idea, or by being driven away from their famed ratting land.

PS: Goon minion 1.5B carebear boat and 5B pod lost to PL renters.
Real PvP-ers on the other hand bravely engaged a CFC capital ship in cruisers and emerged victorious!
Finally: they should have stayed in Branch ratting.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Look who is ratting here!

Dotlan saves and serves all NPC, ship kill and sov change data, for every region, every day. For example here is the Fountain ratting data for 2013/01/01. You can manually download this page. For extracting the data from the mess it returns, I wrote a little program. Hanura H'arasch mass-downloaded for me all the data for June and July this year, all regions. You can use it too.

Let's see the nullsec toplists, by sov holder alliance and by region (million rats). Of course there is no guarantee that the owner of the sov ratted, but I doubt if many PL guys rat in Deklein:

Surprises after surprises. The first is how much Providence dwellers rat, despite their bad truesec. By the way the common belief of "better sec, more ratting" isn't really true. There is such correlation, but weak as the standard distribution is twice as big as the average (944, 1891), despite every point is the 2-months average rat count:
Secondly, NPC-null is unused. Their rat kill per system per day is deep red, meaning way below the total nullsec average. The only exceptions are Serpentis and Mordus' Legion, but they have only a handful of systems. Maybe some space could be changed into conquerable. Thukker Tribe and ORE spaces are especially unused, first for having agents in highsec, second for having no rewards at all (ORE faction mining equipment is worse than T2).

Thirdly, HERO coalition members - despite being in huge numbers in relatively small space - barely use their systems. BRAVE and HONOR systems are deep in the red. This alone questions their war against Providence. Why take space if you already don't use yours? Maybe the action fitting the true needs of the members would be moving to NPC space.

Of course the elephant in the room is Goonswarm Federation ratting twice as much as their own renters. Their home region, Deklein sees nearly twice as much ratting as the second highest Branch - home of their worst PvP-er minion, FCON, who are the #5 ratters with deep green system usage. Killing more than 10% of the total null rats, the GSF corps pull several hundred billion ISK ratting tax every month. They are barely outperformed by all the renters of Pandemic Legion.

Below you can see the daily ratting results of total highsec and lowsec. At first, it's hard to not see that less and less people play EVE. Secondly, there is a clear weekly pattern, significantly more people play on the weekends than on the workdays, Saturdays being the peak (red arrows). Is nullsec similar?
Well, the decrease is missing. It seems that the nullsec players are more stable, EVE is losing highsec and lowsec casuals. The weekly pattern is present here too. The title of the chart is "rest of nullsec", because the top 4 ratters are missing. By the way, this "rest of null" is shrinking. They killed 47% of the rats in June and 40% in July, despite the top four didn't claim more Sov in the summer.

B0T clearly has the weekly pattern, the rest can't really be seen from the large changes (Deployments? Team Security is in action?). So I made a calculation where every day was compared to the average of the 3 days before and after it, then calculated the difference of Monday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday. The bigger it is, the bigger the oscillation is:
In lowsec, rest of null, Goon space and in B0T space people rat less on workdays, which means they have a job or school. In PBLRD and especially N3 space, nolife play or botting is dominant. It seems the Goons are telling the truth that the little Goon with his ratting ship is out in Deklein and not the botters. Well, better for us, since hunting bots is harder as they warp out instantly when a neutral enters local.

PS: these carriers won't increase the Deklein ratting count.

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